Your Success

Five Basic Public Speaking Tips

At first you will be applauded for your effort, later you will be applauded for your skill!
The Toastmasters educational program provides both a communication and leadership track. Once you become a member, you may advance through both tracks simultaneously. You get to choose your own pace and set your goals - without pressure.
Our experienced members will support you in so many ways. For example, we have a mentoring program where you may request a mentor to assist and guide you through the program and be available to answer any questions you may have.
There are no instructors. Members learn from more experienced Toastmasters and one another; and along the way sharpen their own speaking, listening and thinking skills. Every speech is a peer-reviewed exercise concentrating on a certain aspects of speaking such as writing, vocal variety, use of gestures, expression and visual aids, etc.
Members who complete their basic training, Competent Communication (CC) manual, move on to more advanced projects such as sales presentations, technical presentations, speaking for television, public relations, humor and interpersonal skills. There are 15 manuals, each containing five speech projects. Many of the manuals are career-oriented. You choose the manuals you want to complete and the skills you want to learn. Working in the advanced manuals, you’ll refine and enhance your speaking skills. 
Best Speaker awards are given at each meeting to promote growth and development.