Reasons To Join

Develop invaluable communication skills:
 Employers value, seek out, hire, and promote people who communicate effectively.  Customers are also drawn to good communicators.
Develop valuable leadership skills: You have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of leadership opportunities within the club from week to week. You also have the opportunity to move beyond the club to the Toastmasters Area, Division and District.
Develop valuable teamwork skills: Teamwork skills are extremely important: How do you inspire and motivate people to achieve a collective goal? or How do you pull a team together to create and implement a vision? You will learn how to do this and many other aspects of team building.
Develop listening and interpersonal skills: A good Toastmaster is a good listener. You learn to be sensitive to an audience's needs. You also learn to be tactful in conveying feedback to others.
Network to form great contacts....and make good friends! Through Toastmasters you will meet people from various walks of life - people you wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise.
Develop and grow as a speaker: Ever felt truly "connected" with your audience? Find out what it is like through Toastmasters.
Gain invaluable personal feedback: Toastmasters will help you become aware of how others perceive you.
Discover your inner passion for speaking: What better way to share a passion than through Warner Center Toastmasters?
Feel better about yourself and help those around you: Toastmasters does wonders for our self-confidence and our self-esteem.  You will come to appreciate yourself more and develop greater confidence in yourself. Those around you will begin to look to you as a mentor and a leader.
Take advantage of these opportunities twice per month!