Mentor Program

What is a mentor?

A mentor helps a new member by offering their knowledge, perspective, insight and wisdom. 

Most new members are not familiar with Toastmasters. They don’t know what an Ah Counter is or a Timer does. Yet new members are expected to participate in meetings and give speeches. Many clubs expect them to do this with a minimum amount of instruction and guidance. At Warner Center Toastmasters, we do not.

New members need an experienced member to explain the program to them and show them how to prepare for various meeting roles. They also need help preparing and practicing their first few speeches. Mentors can supply valuable personal attention and ongoing support for new members.

Benefits of mentoring for new members:

  • Learn the program and club customs (CC and CL manuals, club meeting roles, membership opportunities)
  • Develop confidence and improve participation in club activities
  • Quickly learn speaking skills to advance faster

Benefits of mentoring for experienced members:

  • Refine and revitalize existing skills
  • Learn new skills

Benefits for mentors:

  • Learn new information and perspectives from those you mentor
  • Keep your knowledge and skills sharp
  • Receiving recognition and appreciation by fellow members

Benefits for clubs:

  • Improved member retention
  • More satisfied members
We offer a Mentor Program to assist new members.
As a new member, you are teamed with a knowledgeable and experienced Toastmaster who will assist you in accelerating your growth in both public speaking and your leadership skills. The mentor helps to provide motivation, constructive feedback, support and praise.

The mentor will provide the following information:
Warner Center Toastmasters procedures and information about the meeting segments such as Prepared Speeches, Evaluations, Table Topics, and meeting roles and duties.
Introduces the Competent Communication (CC) speech program and explains the 10 projects as well as the goals outlined in the Competent Communication (CC) manual.
Introduces the Competent Leadership (CL) program and explains the 10 projects as well as the requirements outlined in the Competent Leadership (CL) manual. 
Explains the Warner Center Toastmasters member website and instructs the new member about how to check the current schedule, emails, etc.
Helps with a new member's Icebreaker speech which is the first prepared speech a member gives at our club to ensure the new member is well-prepared and ready to present.
Assists with additional prepared speeches and assignment roles offering advice and guidance to ensure successful completion.