Meeting Program

Warner Center Toastmasters meeting program is as follows:
7:00 pm    Meeting Called to Order by Sergeant at Arms
                Inspiration and Pledge.
                President's Welcome and Introduction of the Toastmaster of the Evening.
7:10 pm    Toastmaster Introduces the Theme for the 
                Evening and Explains the Three Main Segments:
                1) Prepared Speeches (Usually 4 Speeches)
                2) Evaluations (Each Speaker is Evaluated by an Experienced Evaluator)
                3) Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking Segment)
                Toastmaster Introduces the Monitors (Meeting Functionaries): 
                Grammarian (Selects the Word-of-the-Day and Monitors Grammar)
                Ah Counter (Counts Filler Words such as "ah", "um", etc.)
                Timer (Times Prepared Speeches, Evaluations, Table Topics)
                Trophy Master (Counts Votes and Presents Awards)
                Joke Master (Entertains Members while Ballots are Collected)
                Videographer (Video Records Speakers)
7:20 pm    Prepared Speeches Segment:
                Toastmaster Calls for Timer's Report.
                Members Vote for Best Speaker.
8:00 pm    Evaluation Segment:
                General Evaluator Calls for Timer's Report.
                Members Vote for Best Evaluator.
8:20 pm    Table Topics Segment:
                Topics Master Calls for Timer's Report.
                Members Vote for Best Table Topic.
8:50 pm    General Evaluation Segment:
                General Evaluator Calls for Grammarian's Report, Ah Counter's Report and Provides an Evaluation of the Meeting.
                Toastmaster: Calls for Trophy Master.
                Trophy Master presents Ribbon to Best Speaker, Evaluator, Table Topics.
9:05 pm    President: Invites Guests to Comment, Club Announcements, Concludes Meeting.
9:15 pm    Meeting Adjourns