Joining Our Club

Step 1:

Visit our club.

Step 2:

At the club meeting, ask the Vice President Membership for a membership application and fill it out.

Step 3: 

Give your application and dues to the Vice President Membership at our club - Bill Anderson.
The diversity of our membership is what makes our club so dynamic, motivating, exciting and successful.
We provide a supportive, positive learning environment so that every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills which promotes self-confidence and personal growth.  
Our club is open for membership to anyone who is interested in working on their development in public speaking and valuable leadership skills. 
We teach and evaluate one other. We are both speakers and audience.
Upon joining Warner Center Toastmasters, each new member receives a new membership kit. The kit features a copy of the basic communication manual Competent Communication(CC) and Leadership manual Competent Leadership (CL). It also contains general orientation material and information regarding skills improvement. The initial prepared speeches, as outlined in the Competent Communication (CC) manual, are designed with the new Toastmaster member in mind.

Each new Toastmaster member will receive a monthly magazine, the award-winning "The Toastmaster", that offers the latest insights about speaking and leadership techniques from the world over.
At Warner Center Toastmasters, we want you to succeed! We know you will be amazed at the progress you will make.

For further information on joining, please contact our Vice President Membership: Bill Anderson