Guest Information

The only way to really understand the benefits of Warner Center Toastmasters
 is to experience the club for yourself!

Your first step is to attend a meeting and observe. Warner Center Toastmasters is a warm and welcoming club and we are sure you will enjoy visiting a meeting. Once you have, consider joining as a member. This is a supportive and a fun way to explore your existing speaking abilities and build on these skills to become an accomplished communicator. Enjoy the meeting and, do not fear, there are always other guests in attendance and you will not feel alone. Ask for the Vice President Membership on your arrival for information and guidance.

At Our Meeting
  • You will be warmly welcomed. At the time of your arrival, please take a moment to complete a guest card so that you may be introduced.
  • You will be introduced to a current member who will then introduce you during the meeting to the other members and share your communication goals.
  • Please enjoy the meeting and encourage our members by applauding as speakers are introduced.
  • Write comments for each speaker using the evaluation form provided.
  • Share your reaction after the meeting because we do value your opinion and feedback.
  • Please ask questions!                                          
  • Most Important: We hope you will consider becoming a part of our great club.