Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toastmasters?
Toastmasters is an international non-profit educational organization with headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Warner Center Toastmasters is a chapter of Toastmasters International. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help its members improve their communication and leadership skills.

What happens at a Toastmasters meeting? 
During Toastmaster's meetings, members learn through participation. More importantly, meetings provide the opportunity to get up and speak in front of other club members. Members work through club manuals that outline all the important aspects of public speaking such as use of vocal variety, body language and other speaking skills. After each speech, members receive an evaluation from an assigned evaluator. Members also participate within the meeting in various leadership roles to ensure that the meeting is conducted efficiently and effectively. More experienced members volunteer to be an evaluator and provide a speaker with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Members who are not scheduled to present a speech, or take on a monitor or leadership role, then participate in Table Topics. During this segment, members are asked questions by the Table Topics Master and present a 1-2 minute impromptu speech.This is a great way to sharpen your mind and learn to speak off-the-cuff.
When can I start making speeches? 
As soon as a new member joins the club, they may sign up with the Vice President Education to present a speech once prepared or take on a meeting role.

How will Warner Center Toastmasters help me to develop my skills?
At each meeting, you will have the opportunity to speak in front of people either by presenting a prepared speech, performing a monitor or leadership role, or answering a Table Topics question (impromptu speech). Members may also develop their leadership skills by serving as a club officer. 

What is the club atmosphere like?
Meetings are friendly and lively; and members offer plenty of encouragement and support to one another. You will learn and laugh as you listen to the stories, experiences, and ideas of other members.
Can I become a member even if I am not a good speaker?
Yes.  Many of our members start out feeling very uncomfortable in front of an audience. In a supportive environment supplemented by friendly coaching and through the observation of excellent role models, most people quickly grow into competent and persuasive speakers. 

How dedicated is a member expected to be?
It completely depends on your own initiative and drive. It is recommended that you sign up for speeches or different meeting roles on a regular basis. The more you put into the meetings, the more you will get out of them. Everyone in the club wants you to become a successful speaker.
How do I join Warner Center Toastmasters?
Membership is open to all. We invite you to join any of our meetings as a guest. After the meeting, ask the Vice President Membership for an application form if you wish to join.
What are the dues for membership?
Dues are payable on a bi-annual basis (every 6 months). New members may join at any time during the year and the dues are pro-rated. Further information and an application packet may be obtained from the President or the Vice President Membership at any of the club meetings.
Will I be called upon to speak if I attend a meeting as a guest?
Only if you feel comfortable doing so. Guest and members alike are never forced to participate, however, we encourage all in attendance to speak.