Managing Your Fear

A Sense of Community
Our club members are warm, welcoming people from all walks of life who all have a common goal - to improve their speaking and leadership skills. This provides members a strong foundation and develops helpful relationships that provide motivation and growth.
Immediate Feedback
Our members wish to see and help other members improve their own skills. The best way to do this is by providing immediate feedback after prepared speeches. Each prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who will highlight areas where the speaker did well, suggest areas for improvement in the future and provide encouragement.

Roles and Speaking Opportunities
Warner Center Toastmasters regular meetings consist of meeting roles and speaking opportunities for members. You learn through participation.
Communication and Leadership
Through your participation within Warner Center Toastmasters, you will see improvement in your communication and leadership skills and, in turn, your confidence.
Warner Center Toastmasters can help you:
Develop self-confidence so you can speak confidently in public, give effective presentations before all types of audiences and learn how to think on your feet. 
In your working life, you'll be able to:
Improve your management skills, develop and present ideas clearly and learn how to conduct effective meetings.
In your personal life, you'll be able to:
Communicate better to develop harmonious relationships, offer constructive criticism and accept criticism more objectively.
You'll enjoy Toastmasters as you learn how to:
Research, prepare and deliver speeches, use visual aids; and host and speak in different venues.

Compete in Speech Contests
Each year, thousands of Toastmasters compete in Humorous, Evaluation, Tall Tales, Table Topics and International speech contests. A well-planned contest with enthusiastic and creative contestants is one of our club's most popular events! 

Supplemental Programs
If you have fallen in love with public speaking to the extent that you’d like to make it your profession, Toastmasters offers some extra help along that path such as the Accredited Speaker program and District Speakers Bureau.
Club Officer Roles 
Every Toastmasters club provides its members with the opportunity to take on one of seven leadership roles to aid in the governance of the club. On these pages, you’ll find a brief description of each club officer's role along with current electronic versions of all seven club officer manuals.